Fabric face coverings

My fabric face coverings are made from 3 layers of fabric, either all 100% cotton or 100% cotton backing with a polycotton front layer. They are pleated through the middle, meaning they can be easily adjusted for comfort. The elastic ear loops are double-stitched, giving durability and strength.

Sizes available:

Men's (XXL)

Women's (XL)

Teenage (L)

Child age 7-11 (M)

Child age 2-6 (S)

Washing instructions:

Masks are washable at temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius, but like any garment they will last longer if you wash at lower temperatures.

Disclaimer: Masks are not intended to prevent, mitigate, treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health condition, including Covid-19. Masks are non-sterile and are not intended for use in any clinical or surgical setting. Masks are not surgical masks or filtering respirators (such as N95 masks).